We Are Now Open for Take-Out and Dine-In !

We will be opperating under the following  guidelines:

  1. Doing a pre-shift health check of every employee and for guests that includes temperature monitoring.  Posting an advisory that anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 will be turned away.
  2. Assuring that a certified food manager is on duty at each shift.
  3. Sanitizing every laminated menu after use by each customer.
  4. Having hand sanitizer available to all employees and thorough sanitizing of tables and chairs after every use.
  5. Adhering to social distancing recommendations for guests standing in wait lines and seating every other table in the restaurant.
  6. Limiting tables to either 6 guests maximum.
  7. Having condiments available on request only and sanitizing after each use.
  8. Cleaning door handles used by guests frequently.
  9. Providing masks and gloves for use by all employees.


Oaxaca building line drawing

Pronounced: (WA-HA-KA)

The origin of our name comes from the state of Oaxaca in the country of Mexico. We at Oaxaca Restaurant are proud to have served you for over four decades. We strive to attain excellence in our food by way of its preparation and presentation. To accomplish this goal we begin each day by using only 100% cholesterol free pure vegetable oils no trans fats, no animal fats, as well as no additives and never any lard. We pride ourselves on our “Dine to Your Heart’s Content”TM menu selections prepared by our own Registered Dietitian, which include heart healthy as well as gluten free choices.

We hand prepare our sauces and salsa from nature’s finest ingredients using local fruits and vegetables that are garden and orchard fresh. We prepare our Mexican specialties daily from scratch. We use only the finest blue corn from the Native American plains of New Mexico. We use premium aged domestic cheeses as well as artisanal Mexican cheese. Our margarita’s are house-made and we are an officially designated “Tequileria” by tequila.net.

We sincerely appreciate your visit with us and hope to see you again soon.

The Oaxaca Family